Design & Development of Remote Sensing Systems

Handheld sensor with glowing colored lights

Novel sensor design, including custom optics, embedded real-time processing, and command and control to meet unique customer requirements for ground-based, airborne or space platforms.

Algorithm Development and Data Analysis

Digital satellite tracking screen

Processing algorithms tailored to specific applications, including detection and characterization of optical sources in clutter as well as source geolocation.

Laboratory and Field Testing

Sensor equipment in the field at sunset

Laboratory testing including sensor calibration, system performance verification, and environmental testing. Field testing including test design and deployment of delivered systems, space vehicle integration and test activities, and on-orbit instrument operation and data analysis.

End-to-end System Modelling

Green laser beam across a field at night

Modelling of sources and backgrounds, atmospheric effects, optics, detectors, electronics, and data acquisition to yield predictions of system output for scenarios of interest. Supports system design, algorithm development and data analysis as well as field test planning.